With waterhog mats, you can improve pool safety and cleanliness.

Few things are more important than client safety and keeping the site clean and hygienic in swimming pools and other wet areas, whether you manage a spa, gym, or leisure center – and pool mats may help with both.

We produce a wonderful selection of entrance mats, fitted mats, and leisure mats, including gym mats and high-quality pool and wet area matting, at Ultimate Mats, we’re one of the country’s top specialists in these floor coverings. We’ve helped a lot of leisure businesses improve the safety and cleanliness of their pools and other wet areas over the years.

Waterhog and Wet Area Floor Coverings: What Are the Advantages?

waterhogare specifically designed and manufactured to provide a variety of health and safety, as well as sanitation and hygiene, benefits in and around wet environments.

They’re also adaptable enough to be used in a variety of settings, including pools, leisure clubs, saunas, and gyms, as well as areas such as the pool area, changing rooms, showers, and locker rooms. They’re also adaptable in terms of size, and they can help make a pool area more appealing to the eye than one with a lot of hard, bare surfaces.

Waterhog mats provide several advantages, some of which you may not have considered before, such as:

#1 Designed to absorb water and prevent mold and grime.

Hygiene and cleanliness are always important considerations for any leisure business. Standing water can be a health and safety hazard. Wet area mats reduce the problem by allowing water to drain beneath the mats and remain safely out of reach until you can lift and disinfect your floor coverings. Without pool mats, cleaning these areas of your facility will take more time and money. Mold and grime won’t build up as quickly as they would if there was more water. Swimming pool mats have a structure that makes them easy to clean and dry, with minimal maintenance and assembly.

#2 Antibacterial and antifungal coatings on wet area mats can help with hygiene.

Unfortunately, infections like athlete’s foot, rashes, odors, and skin infections are all too common at swimming pools, spas, and other similar establishments. More serious problems, such as MRSA, can also occur, though they do so much less frequently. Pool mats, on the other hand, can help control irritations and prevent them from being picked up (and spread) by customers or other visitors, resulting in a sanitary environment. For starters, the uPVC material that many swimming pool mats are made of makes it difficult for fungi and bacteria to grow, despite the warm, damp environment that would otherwise provide them with an ideal breeding ground, resulting in happier feet!

Anti-microbial treatments can also be used to keep mold and mildew at bay, even when wearing bare feet.

#3 Pool mats can help you avoid slipping and falling in the pool.

Of course, safety is another issue that leisure facilities must consider. (You are legally responsible for the health and safety of all employees, pool users, and visitors as a pool or leisure center operator.)

Swimming pool mats can help here as well, by preventing trips and falls, which are always more problematic and common in slippery areas, particularly near where soapy products are being used. People can walk with confidence on these leisure mats due to their grippy surface.

In slick areas where water collects, wet area mats provide added safety. This could be near the pool’s entrances and exits, for example. Even if the tiles or flooring are non-slip, these areas can be slip hazards.

#4 Mats for pools and wet areas offer a comfortable walking surface.

Pool mats have a soft or foamy feel, providing a comfortable and clean walking surface for bare feet, as well as sure footing, even in high-traffic areas, for your visitors. The comfort factor is increased by the thickness of these floor mats. When they’re walked over, they also provide warmth and traction.