Things You’ll Discover During Behind-The-Wheel Training

Believe us when we say that your parents and significant other are not the finest tutors when it comes to driving. Even if they are a seasoned driver, they will not be able to deliver adequate driver instruction – especially when compared to professional behind-the-wheel training. If you want to learn how to drive properly, a driving school is your best choice.

We understand that your first in-car driving lesson can be a nerve-racking event. That is why we have developed a list of things to expect and learn during your behind-the-wheel training.

1. You’ll Discover The Fundamentals

Of course, don’t expect to drive right into traffic or reverse around a curve during your first driving lesson. In reality, your first session will concentrate on the most fundamental aspects of learning to drive.

The teacher will assist you in becoming acquainted with the car’s functions, from adjusting your mirrors and seat to using the wiper and heater settings. You will also be taught which pedal is which. Following that, you may be taught how to safely maneuver and stop the car.

2. You’ll Learn About Motor Vehicle Safety

Every motorist should be familiar with basic to sophisticated automobile safety features. According to data, 88 percent of vehicular accidents occur within 10 miles of home.

As a result, the driving teacher will ensure that you are well familiar with the vehicle’s safety features. Seat belts, airbags, child restraint systems, and other safety features are included. Seatbelts are not optional; they are required even if you are simply driving for short distances.

All driving instructor in Canberra will not begin the class unless you are securely strapped in.

3. You’ll Gain Visual Awareness While Driving

During your behind-the-wheel instruction, the teacher will highlight the significance of maintaining visual awareness while driving.

Before driving to any route or situation, the driver should do a complete visual search. This involves scanning in all directions, analyzing the road ahead, inspecting both sides of the automobile before entering, keeping an eye out for road hazards, and more.

4. You’ll Learn How To Position Your Vehicle Properly

Vehicle location is one of the most critical driving concepts you can master. Proper vehicle location is critical for considerably reducing the likelihood of automobile accidents.

For example, you will be taught to keep a safe following distance at all times. Tailgating is when a motorist follows too closely behind another car. If you are too near, you will not have enough space to properly stop and avoid an accident if the car in front of you suddenly stops.

Improve Your Driving Skills

These are just a few of the most crucial concepts you will learn during your behind-the-wheel training. This is by no means a complete list, but you can be confident that you’ll learn all you need to know to become a safe driver in the hands of actual specialists.

Pass Your First Go Driving School will give you the necessary skills for driving. With the help of a driving school, you can calm your anxiety and become a more confident driver. If you have any queries regarding our driving instruction packages, please contact us.