Expert Richmond Painters Share Their Favourite Wall Painting Techniques

Wall Painting is an art. Many painters in Richmond are familiar with the changing trends, colour patterns, and notions behind this art. One of the most common notions in the colourful world of painting is that all painters use the same techniques.

With this notion, many people have seen DIY as a way to revolutionise painting and make it a more cost-friendly option. But things have changed for the good now. Wall painting techniques are evolving and becoming more diverse for all the right reasons.

In this blog, we will dive into the vibrant universe of expert Richmond painter’s wall painting techniques. With their brushes and palettes, these artists transform blank canvases into masterpieces. We will uncover their favourite techniques, presenting the secrets behind the strokes that bring life to their creations.

Colour Washing

Painters in Richmond think of colour washing as an artistic touch to a plain-looking wall. In many parts of the world, colour washing already favours many walls and surfaces, resulting in popularity. Applying a thin coat of translucent paint followed by a top coat is a colour-washing technique. When choosing colours for this technique, you should always pick the same colours for the base and top coat.

Choosing light and dark shades will add drama and texture to the wall’s appearance. While using translucent paints, it is best that you thin the paint and seal it after the final touch.

Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is an innovative way to decorate your interiors or exteriors close to your living space. It involves using a natural or synthetic sea sponge to create a pattern across the wall. Rotating the sponge in a circular motion over the solid-coloured walls or surfaces is sponge painting.

Experts recommend using solid but light colours like white as a background when choosing colours. This will add dimension to your walls when you apply another shade. Using a natural sea sponge for a natural look and a synthetic sponge for the same pattern is best.

Half Wall Painting

Half-wall painting, also known as split wall painting, is a technique that creates a new look to your room without overwhelming it. Painters located in many parts of Australia use half-wall painting as an alternative to single-colour wall painting. It looks beautiful when painters draw a line between two different paints.

To achieve this look, experts recommend using neutral colours. If that is not possible, shades of darker and brighter colours can also work well. First, paint the bottom area darker and let it dry. Apply painter’s tape above your created line to split the wall. Remove the painter’s tape once the bottom area is dried, and apply the lighter shade on the upper area.

Ombre Effect

The ombre effect gives an illusion of fading walls and is a brilliant idea to create an accent wall. If your house needs a quick makeover, the ombre effect must be prioritised. Richmond painters suggest using any three colours of your choice for this technique.

To achieve this look, draw a pencil line to divide the wall into equal horizontal sections. The equal sections will provide full coverage when you blend the colours. Start by applying colours on the bottom, middle, and top, covering the entire section. Ensure that you leave an inch or two space between each section to blend the colours.

Once done, mix the bottom and middle sections swiftly, followed by blending the middle and top colours.

Rag Rolling Technique

This is another technique catching millions of attention for its uniqueness. Rag Rolling is a modern look that makes painters located in Richmond outshine in their work. It trends in Richmond and is an absolute favourite in many houses or commercial spaces.

To achieve the rag rolling, you need a cotton rag and glaze to extend the life of the paint. Start with covering the entire wall with one background colour. Mix a glaze well with any colour that contrasts nicely with the background colour. Ensure you run a patch test before doing it on the wall. Apply the glaze mixture in sections with a roller, keeping the sections small to extend the drying time. Now, size the rag per your liking pattern and roll it over the entire wall while the glaze is still wet.


In the hands of expert painters in Richmond, colour washing, sponge painting, half wall, ombre effect, and rag rolling have become tools of artistic expression. These techniques, each with a unique charm, allow painters to breathe life into their creations and tell stories on canvas. We have walked you through Richmond’s painters’ favourite wall painting techniques.

As you explore the world of painting, consider trying these techniques yourself – in the same stroke. Consider professional painters located in Richmond instead if you are a complete beginner.

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