Five Things You Will Feel After Getting Your Partial Dentures

Dentures are the best way to replace your missing teeth if you don’t wish to go under anesthesia like crowns and implants. Based on the number of teeth in your mouth, you can have complete or partial dentures.

Some adjustments will be required when a prosthesis is placed in the mouth. Some people may have difficulty speaking, chewing, or yawning when they receive dentures. In particular, if you are wearing partial dentures for the front teeth, discomfort might also be experienced. It is essential to understand the five things you will feel when getting dentures.

What Is To Be Considered With Partial Dentures?

If you take the time to learn how to use and care for dentures, your mouth can become a friend. It might take some time before you get used to the new dentures. You can also start eating your favorite foods from day one. You’ll love your new dentures.

Might Be Red Gums Or Sore

The denture is worn on the gums. It could be due to excessive pressure or pressure on the gums, such as tipping the denture, sharp edges at the inner side, unfitted edges, or excessive pressure.

What Are You Doing?

Talk to your dentist servicing Modbury North clinic regarding reddening gums. Then, if necessary, the dentist will trim your denture to match your gum contour. Your dentist may offer gum augmentation services to help correct gum shape.

Your Speech May Get Slurry For A While

Your natural dentition can be adjusted using your tongue, muscles, or the rest of your teeth. Dentures may take some time to get adjusted to new prostheses. It is possible that you will have trouble speaking, saying letters such as’s, la, or ’r’, or having difficulty with certain voice notes, such as ‘ah, oh’, etc.

What Are You Doing?

Your dentist may assist you in practicing the pronunciation and speech of some words. The main problem is usually when the partial to the front teeth get worn. The edges and overhangs of the denture can be adjusted by your dentist.

Time May Allow You To Have An Altered Taste

Although teeth do not possess taste buds, they can alter certain foods’ taste. The partial or full denture will affect how you chew your food. If fitted well, partial dentures will not have an adverse effect on the taste of your food.

What Are You Doing?

If you have lost your taste buds, make sure to clean your dentures on a regular basis. If the problem persists, your dentist will recommend you to get implants. They may also trim the denture to reduce the area that it covers.

Some Food Regulations May Be Required

Dentures are designed to help you chew and eat, but you might have food restrictions. Although partial dentures can be worn with no restrictions, you should consult your dentist to ensure that the denture fits properly.

What Are You Doing?

In the days that follow denture removal, soft foods such as mashed potatoes or juices can be enjoyed. Once you are comfortable chewing you can slowly transition to hard food.

You Will Be Asked To Care For Partial Dentures

You must maintain your dental health by maintaining your dentures. Proper cleaning of dentures is possible by avoiding food lodgement, build-up of stains, or prolonged wear. Wear denture creams or adhesives regularly to keep them clean.

What Are You Doing?

Put your dentures in the solution for dentures or on the cleaning tables overnight. You can clean your dentures using a soft bristle brush.