A Guide To Over Center Latches

Latches or catches allow for temporary force to be applied between two units. These parts are common in many industries. You will find them on products like chest cabinets, tool boxes, and lids. Some models allow you to add a locking mechanism for added security.

Features & Benefits

These latches come in a variety of wire bail options. Straight bails provide maximum strength while curved bails allow for flexibility to compensate for variations in mounting and gasket sets.

  • The over-center mechanism allows secure co-planar latching
  • Styles of flat and curved wire-linking for maximum strength & shock resistance
  • Concealed mounting provides a clean, smooth surface appearance

What Is A Toggle Latch?

A type of mechanical fastener known as over centre fastener or toggle latches, toggle latches allow regular separation and join up to two objects. They engage another piece on a different mounting surface. Depending on their type and design, hardware might be called a striker or catch.

It is a hardware piece that locks in a certain position to ensure secure fastening on two surfaces, panels, or objects. Unlocking allows for separation. The base plate and attached loop are the main components. The catch plate is the other. Once the loop hooks onto the catch plate, the lever can be clamped down to create tension. When the handle moves up to the horizontal position, tension is released.

The toggle latch operating principle is a calibrated combination of pivots and levers. The toggle action has an above center lock point. Once the latch reaches that level, it is securely locked. It can’t be moved or unlocked except when a certain amount of force is applied to the handle to lift the cam. The leverage of the handle makes unlocking easy. You can alter the length and power required to unlock your latch by changing the screw loop.

Maximum Load Values

Toggle locks have many advantages. It is important to fully benefit from the product and work safely within the maximum load values. Each product was created for a particular maximum load. All product descriptions include the values. You must observe the strength values to not exceed any maximum values for tensile force.

Toggle Lock Groups

We have a large range of toggle latches with over 300 options to choose from, so no matter what you need, we will be able to provide the right latching solution. We know it can be hard to find the right product, so we have broken down toggle latches by different characteristics.

If the size is a key factor in latch selection, we have separated products by size. There are four main types of products:

  • Small size toggle latches
  • Medium size toggle latches
  • Large size toggle latches
  • Extra large size toggle latches

We have separated toggle latches into the following categories for those cases in which product durability and design are crucial factors.

Drop Forged Series Toggle Latches

This is the best choice for those looking for durable products that are small in size. Drop-forged latches are durable and can last many years of hard use. We offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. Ojos Sweden is a worldwide manufacturer of latches made of drop-forged stainless steel. These products have been sent into space as part of a military satellite project. They can also be used on an offshore platform deep under the water.

Toggle Latches 700 Series

Look no further if a heavy-duty adjustable latch is what you need. These latches come in more than 200 styles, sizes, materials, and finishes. These latches provide a practical solution to panel latching. The catch plate can be attached to the latch at a distance. Rotating threaded rod with screw head allows for adjustment of catch plate distance. After the catch plate is attached to the surface, rotation acts to fine adjust the locking force.

Toggle Latches 800 Series

These toggle latches have the strongest and most heavy-duty. These toggle latches are also larger. The products are made to meet customer requirements in harsh environments such that super heavy-duty fasteners must be reliable and can be used for special purposes Machines and Vehicles Railways and Mining Industries.

Draw Latches 900 Series

Draw latches come in a subtle design that conceals the mechanism and has a catch plate. The latches have a minimalist design but offer strong and secure latching. Customers who are looking for a slim design and easy opening capability will love the three sizes of these products. These products can be used to latch many types of industrial enclosures.